The Inherited House

What do you do if you inherit a home that needs a lot of "TLC"?

The Inherited House

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Siblings inherited this home upon the death of their parents. Time, money, personal belongings, storage, and moving are all considerations and important decisions. Sometimes there are time constraints that factor in as well. Selling a home traditionally, using an agent, staging the house, and dealing with requests for repairs, the uncertainty of the offer, can create stress during a time when many just don’t need it. In this case, the sellers were looking for an alternative.

Knowing there are many “we buy home’s for cash” people sending mailings, cold calling, or door knocking, discerning the difference of which one to choose was proving difficult. Along came FlipSplit, the only option that offered a fully transparent offer system, with a bonus profit option if the home sells for more than we say it will. Not only do we offer seller protection to ensure you are fully informed, but we work within your time frame, whether quick or slow, to get you the proceeds from the house sale as soon as desired.

“FlipSplit made it a very easy and painless transaction. We were packed and ready to move to Virginia when they purchased our house. The transaction was complete in a matter of days. A pleasure to work with!”

Steve & Debbie

Mission Viejo, CA

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