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We specialize in buying Southern California houses as-is, increasing their value through strategic renovations, reselling them, and splitting the excess profits with the original homeowners. Whether you’re relocating out of the Orange County area, looking to get a burdensome house off your hands, or simply looking for an instant cash sale, we’re committed to giving you a fair cash offer on your Orange County home. Unlike other cash home buyers in OC, you can trust FlipSplit to deliver both convenience and 100% transparency with the end goal of maximizing your take-home payment.

Once you request your free, no-obligation cash offer, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we get to work renovating your Orange Country property. As the Southern California house market continues to grow, you can feel confident knowing FlipSplit is committed to maximizing your property’s value and getting the best possible final offer, no questions asked.

We Help Homeowners in Orange County

If you are a prospective home seller in Orange County looking for a smooth, hassle-free selling experience, our team at FlipSplit are experts in handling OC real estate to make your transaction as smooth and successful as possible. Whether you’re looking to sell a new build in Yorba Linda or an inherited home in Irvine, we specialize in buying and selling properties of all shapes, conditions, and sizes throughout Orange County.

With FlipSplit, you can sell your home to us with the confidence that you are receiving a fair cash offer. We offer a data-driven approach to home flipping and selling, taking the surrounding real estate market into consideration when making our cash offer and ensuring that we remain fully transparent throughout the process. Forget the hassle of closing costs, real estate agent fees or other unwanted fees associated with a traditional home sale.

Let FlipSplit be your trusted source for all your OC home selling needs!

The New Way to Sell Your Home

Cash homebuyers all say they’re giving you the highest offer available. But how do you really know you’re not getting undercut and selling for too little? Flip Split is the only off-market cash buyer who proves their honesty by splitting the excess profits with you at the end.

Highest Price Offer

Highest Price Offer

Because we deal with a high-volume of transactions, we can afford to take less and pay you more.

No Repair Hassle

No Repair Hassle

You can relax on the beach while we tackle the strategic renovations in order to get the highest resale value to make you more money.

Profit Share Agreement

Profit Share Agreement

Once FlipSplit experts are finished reselling your home for top dollar, we’ll notify you of the remaining splittable profits

Orange County Home Selling FAQs

What is the Orange County housing market like?

After record-high demand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, recent reports indicate the Orange County housing market is experiencing declines due to increasing mortgage rates. As everyday costs continue to rise, prospective buyers have become more hesitant to take action. Despite higher interest rates, however, overall demand remains strong, coupled with a low inventory of available homes making for a lucrative seller’s market.

What is the median home price in Orange County California?

The median home price in Orange County recently exceeded the $1 million threshold, making it the most expensive county within Southern California. Fewer and fewer homes are going on the market, leading to fierce competition amongst buyers, only driving up home prices even further. Additionally, a higher-than-average household income across many Orange County residents allows for even greater purchasing power.

What taxes are associated with Orange County real estate?

Despite racking up well above-average median home prices, Southern California boasts some of the lowest property tax rates in the U.S. According to SmartAsset, the average property tax rate in Orange County hovers around 0.69%, though this number can vary by neighborhood. Learn more about navigating OC property taxes in our guide to Orange County real estate taxes.

Why is the Orange County housing market so expensive?

Several economic indicators are showing signs of a housing bubble in the Orange County real estate market, with housing prices skyrocketing at a pace far greater than people’s income. Several first-time home buyers are getting beat out by multiple offers above asking price, making an already expensive market even more unattainable for most buyers. Though mortgage rates aren’t expected to swell as they did during the last housing crisis, it’s clear that the housing boom of the last few years isn’t sustainable, and experts expect the Orange County real estate market to correct itself in the coming months or years.

Here’s How FlipSplit Works

  1. Provide Property Details: Orange County homeowners can easily submit their property information online, including the property address, to FlipSplit.
  2. Virtual Inspection: FlipSplit will conduct a brief 15-minute virtual inspection of your property, addressing any major concerns to provide a seamless experience.
  3. Close On Your Timeline: You will have the flexibility to choose a closing date that suits your needs. Leave behind any unwanted belongings or junk.
  4. Participation Results: As a cash home buyer in Orange County, we’ll get to work renovating and reselling your home for the highest possible value. In the event that our resale price exceeds the initial projections we provide you, we’ll send you 50% of the additional proceeds!
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