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With over 2,000 flips completed, we know how to pull every dollar out of a home upgrade. See how we’ve helped!

Who Is Flip Split?

Flip Split has arisen out of the need to rescue homeowners from being taken advantage of in “off-market” sales (you know who you are “big-guys”). Backed with 30+ year veterans who have flipped over 2,000+ homes, you’ll have the highest level of experience working to get you top dollar.

Because Flip Split deals with a higher volume of home sales, we can afford to take less margin on each deal in order to give the homeowner that much more on the initial offer price.

Then comes in the Flip Split Pledge, if we sell the house for more than the number we agree to, you’ll be receiving 50% of the profits. Simply, it’s our way of guaranteeing the homeowner that we’ll never underpay for their home, if we get more than we talk about, we’re happy to give you half of the exceeded profits.

Sometimes this still isn’t in the best interest of the homeowner, but we’ll help advise you on that. If we think you can get more money through a different option, we’ll tell you. Honesty is our business.

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