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Felipe Ramirez Salazar
765 day(s) ago on

“Couldn’t ask for better service, they really walk the walk… they made a rough diamond really shine and it sold for top dollar. Stephen was very responsive and professional. Couldn’t have asked for a better partner… thank you Flipsplit!”

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Peter Lien
937 day(s) ago on Google

“What a wonderful experience!! In the past year, we moved our mom from Northern California to Southern California. Additionally, we were challenged with the daunting task of selling my mom’s home remotely. While the home was located in a great neighborhood in San Jose, it would have required significant work to get it sale-ready. In normal times this may not have been that difficult, but during a pandemic, this was worrisome. We did some research online and received a competitive offer from a major online real estate broker. One day while browsing on Instagram, I stumbled upon FlipSplit and was intrigued by what they had to offer. FlipSplit pays cash upfront for a home, renovates it, resells the home, and then splits the profits above a certain threshold. Boy, am I glad I contacted them. After an introductory call to explain their business model, and a few conversations to provide information about the house, they came back to us with a better offer than we previously received.

Within a few weeks of starting the process, my mom received full payment for the house, an amount higher than she was expecting when the process started, and all without having to do any work on the house. And, this week, she received a check in the mail for her split in the profits!! Her former neighbors are also pleased, because the renovations done by FlipSplit greatly increased the value of her home and likely the home values of the neighborhood.

Thank you, Stephen and FlipSplit!!”

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R Robinson
943 day(s) ago on

“Overall very easy and stress free process. They took the work out in trying to prepare the house for resale and they offered me a very fair price during the initial sale. And after they flip the property you get a check sent to you! Can’t complain about extra money!”

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Paul Harrington
945 day(s) ago on

“It was a pleasure to work with FlipSplit. FliPSplit provided a thorough and professional experience throughout the process.”

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Val B
950 day(s) ago on Google

“Working with FlipSplit was amazing from start to finish. Their responsive and knowledgeable team handled everything and made what is often a stressful experience extremely smooth, without leaving a lot of money on the table thanks to their resale bonus mechanism! Highly recommended!”

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Gloria Baker
993 day(s) ago on Google

“I have nothing to say except positive things for FlipSplit. After talking with three other investors, the seller decided to sell to them. They gave the highest cash offer AND are going to share in the profits with the seller once they renovate and sell the home. They also helped her out with another issue that was a blessing to her and was true to every word they said. Thanks FlipSplit. I’m looking for our next transaction right now!”

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Ana Fuentes
1028 day(s) ago on

“FlipSplit surpassed my expectation! They are very professional dedicated and reliable. I am extremely happy to have sold my house to them.”

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Mursalin Habib
1034 day(s) ago on

“Don’t get confused by the offer price from FlipSplit which may look slightly lower than market. Your agent or advisers or friends may only concentrate on that number, but do your calculation, what matters is what you get at the end, after all the costs/commissions/repairs. And FlipSplit shines here. There was no closing cost or commission associated with the price. So, you can easily add 6-7% on top of the price flipsplit offers, if you want to compare against other offer on the table (that is good $60000-$70000 for a 1M home). Then, there is FlipSplit bonus.

They completed the renovation under budget, way before the predicted timeline. Because of their experience with renovation and marketing, they sold the property at higher price than any similar sized/type property in the neighborhood (It probably drew the highest per SFT price in the neighborhood in years for a similarly sized property). Which results in a handsome bonus after the end of the transaction (for us it was close to 5%).

So, the take home proceed was very similar to what we would have gotten if we had sold this to you a regular buyer, but none of the stress, none of the risks, none of the hassle of repairing/renovation. On top of that if you have problematic tenant, they will handle them for you. We had a problematic tenant who was cooperating one day and another day was totally ghosting us. There was no way a regular transaction would have gone through as tenants were hindering inspections, appraisals and other activities.

FlipSplit was one of the investor we found from facebook and was the perfect match for us (which we came to realize once the transaction was over). At the end, we are happy, from the proceed, from the bonus, from the stress free experience. FlipSplit is not a regular investor, they believe in win-win for them and you. They will take care of you, they will take care of your property and make you money.”

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Erin Smith-Day
1048 day(s) ago on Google

“Almost everything about this process was quick and painless. Relocating halfway across the country and being on a strict timeline made this choice a no-brainer. Not gonna lie, we went in skeptical but were so pleasantly surprised. Closed on our house in 10 days(with no hidden last minute deductions and absolutely no repairs) and got our split check BEFORE the 90 day estimate originally given. SO glad we chose this over a traditional sale because for us it just made cents 😂🤷🏻‍♀️”

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Connie Stewart
1055 day(s) ago on

“I am so grateful that we sold our property to FlipSplit. The whole process was stress free and everyone at FlipSplit was helpful and very responsive. I would definitely recommend them to others looking to sell their property”

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