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Real estate agents and customers shake hands to congratulate after signing a contract to buy a house with land and insurance

What is a 1031 Exchange Property?

Investing in real estate is how 90% of millionaires have built their wealth.1 If you’ve already experienced some financial success on your investment journey, you already know that with accumulated wealth comes the collection of taxes, as well. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to defer capital gains taxes on your […]

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Do You Pay Capital Gains On Inherited Property?

A piece of property is probably one of the most valuable gifts you’ll receive. Whether it’s a family vacation home or the house you grew up in, the inherited property can help you build your own financial portfolio and provide you with financial flexibility. However, this gift might also come with paying responsibilities for the […]

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What Happens When You Sell a 1031 Exchange Property?

As a real estate investor, you’re always on the lookout for ways to maximize your returns. But like any other industry, loss can be expected, some of which may come in the form of taxes. When selling a property, the government will tax what you’ve earned from the sale of the home, also referred to […]

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Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House

How Can I Avoid Capital Gains Tax On Home Sale

Selling your home is exciting, especially if you make a profit on the sale. Unfortunately for some homeowners, that thrill might be short-lived. The process of turning over a property can be long and arduous, from finding a buyer, shouldering the closing costs, and even dealing with the property tax. If you don’t qualify for […]

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How to Respond to a Low Ball Offer?

The excitement of receiving an initial offer on your home can quickly descend into eye rolls when you see a number that’s thousands of dollars below your asking price. It’s understandable—your home is a massive investment, one you poured your heart and soul (i.e., time and money) into.  All that said, you want a fair […]

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What Are the Current Housing Market Trends?

In 2020, the pandemic created the biggest wave in the housing market since the financial market crash of 2008. The normal patterns of buying, selling, and pricing were tossed about and, when 2020 ended, no one knew what to expect in 2021.  As 2021 moves along, we’re still riding choppy seas without any certainty of […]

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What Are the Top Selling Features of a Home?

You’re planning to sell your home within the next year but, before you do, you want to maximize the return you’ll get on the sale. So, what features can help sell a home? Lately, the popular opinion in the current housing market trends has been that you must have a top-of-the-line, high-end kitchen and fancy […]

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What Does House in Contingent Mean?

Selling your home is stressful. The relief you feel when a potential buyer finally makes a reasonable offer to purchase your house is like crossing the finish line of a big race—you can now enjoy a nice, long exhale. Unfortunately, this feeling can be fleeting.  Even after you accept an offer, there will still be […]

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