Home Selling

Sunset aerial view of historic downtown Riverside, California.

What Is the Average Home Price in Riverside, CA?

Sun, ocean beaches, glamor—southern California has a lot to offer, and the cost of living reflects that. Yet within an…

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Couple Having Selfie while Holding Keys of their new home

How Fast Can You Close On a House With Cash?

You want to sell your home and sell it fast. You ask around and hear from blissful sellers who describe…

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Woman Holding a Home For Sale Sign

Cash Offer vs. Mortgage for a Seller: Which is Better?

You’re ready to sell your home. Whether you purchased the property in cash or took out a mortgage loan, it’s…

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Real Estate Agent Holding a "sold" sign

6 Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House

If you’re ready to sell, get ready to receive at least one cash offer for your house.  Buyers know that…

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Couple signing house buying contract

Seller’s Guide to Negotiating a Cash Offer On a Home

The process of selling your home can be tricky. There are many moving pieces including finances, a home inspection, and…

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What is a 1031 Exchange Property?

Investing in real estate is how 90% of millionaires have built their wealth.1 If you’ve already experienced some financial success…

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Do You Pay Capital Gains On Inherited Property?

A piece of property is probably one of the most valuable gifts you’ll receive. Whether it’s a family vacation home…

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What Happens When You Sell a 1031 Exchange Property?

As a real estate investor, you’re always on the lookout for ways to maximize your returns. But like any other…

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