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Los Angeles, Venice

6 Los Angeles Real Estate Trends for 2022

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown Are you longing to set up a house in the heart of Hollywood? Or dreaming of…

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Los angeles skyline

How & Where To Buy In Los Angeles

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown On a map, the neighborhoods of Los Angeles may look just a stone’s throw away from…

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LA skyline

How to Navigate the Los Angeles Real Estate Taxes

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown California is among the top ten states for average property tax cost. However, the amount you’ll…

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San Diego neighbourhood

What Is The Median House Price in San Diego?

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown If you’re planning to buy or sell a single family home in San Diego County, you…

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Dan Diego, neighbourhood by the sea

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House in San Diego?

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown Are you looking for a change of pace, wanting to take advantage of new remote work…

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San Diego, areal view of the beach neighborhood

3 San Diego Real Estate Trends On The Rise

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown With low mortgage rates, high demand, and low supply, the U.S. has seen a historic real…

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San Diego beach houses

A Guide To Understanding The San Diego Housing Market Bubble

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown In the past two decades, the rise and fall of the San Diego housing market may…

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What is a 1031 Exchange Property?

Reviewed by: Brandon Brown Investing in real estate is how 90% of millionaires have built their wealth.1 If you’ve already…

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